We organize irregular seminars, feel free to drop us email in case you want to be informed about them by email.

Seminars in 2023

  • 12 December, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Stella Maris Sanchez
From the scanner to matrices
  • 14 November, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Davide Ciliberti
Using closed-loop technologies and population decoding to unveil cognition
  • 10 October, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Katarzyna Kazimierczak
Levels of explanation in functional neuroimaging
  • 26 September, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Maciej Jedynak
Where structure meets function: synergy of functional tractography with diffusion MRI
  • 19 September, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Hossein Sohanian Haghighi
Modeling, prediction and control of epileptic seizures using nonlinear dynamical systems and control theories
  • 23 May, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Nikola Jajcay
Sensitivity analysis for identifiable Dynamic Causal Models
  • 25 April, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Isa Dallmer-Zerbe
Of in silico brains, research ambitions and industry collaborations
  • 7 March, 16:00, room 318/zoom
David Hartman
Approximate (a)symmetry on graphs and in brain
  • 28 February, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Shih Cheng Chien
Laminar Neural Dynamics of Auditory Evoked Responses: Computational Modeling of Local Field Potentials in Auditory Cortex of Non-Human Primates
  • 31 January, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Matej Hoffman
Learning body models: from humans to humanoid robots

Seminars in 2022

  • 19 December, 16:00, room 318/zoom
Martin Gell
The Burden of Reliability in Biomarker Discovery
  • 24 November, 14:30, room 318
Ioannis Vlachos
Brain connectivity: correlation, causality and networks
  • 1 November, 16:00, room 318
Hananel Hazan
Strategies to train spiking neuronal network models to play games
  • 28 June, 16:00, online seminar
Ehud Kaplan
Do we really see with three parallel streams?
  • 26 April, 16:00, online seminar
Helmut Schmidt
An Appraisal of the Multivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process: Low-Frequency Fluctuations and the Inference of Structure from Function
  • 5 April, 16:00, online seminar
Pavel Šanda
Cholinergic neuromodulation of resting state networks (and DMN in particular)
  • 1 February, 16:00, online seminar
Barbora Rehák-Bučková
Longitudinal normative modelling, what do we (want to) know
  • 18 January, 16:00, online seminar
Jakub Kořenek
Information Decomposition Based on Cooperative Game Theory

Seminars in 2021

  • 12 October, 16:00, online seminar
Oscar Gonzalez
Moment to moment cofluctuations in resting state network
  • 24 August, 16:00, online seminar
Nikola Jajcay
Modelling the sleeping brain: towards a neural mass model of sleep rhythms and their interactions
  • 8 June, 16:00, online seminar
Jacob Billings
The Shape of Data: Topological Descriptors of Connectivity Dynamics
  • 1 June, 16:00, online seminar
Jakub Kopal
Epilepsy trajectory
  • 25 May, 17:00, online seminar
Jakub Kořenek
Causality in Reversed Time Series: Reversed or Conserved?
  • 11 May, 17:00, online seminar
Stanislav Jiříček
Forward and Inverse problem of EEG
  • 9 February, 17:00, online seminar
Michal Hadrava
A Dynamical Systems Approach to Spectral Music: Modeling the Role of Roughness and Inharmonicity in Perception of Musical Tension

Seminars in 2020

  • 20 October, 16:00, online seminar
Arthur Matsuo
From financial data to brain data analysis
  • 13 October, 16:00, online seminar
Jacob Billings
Biophysical Foundations and Data-Driven Analysis of Spontaneous Self-Assembly in the Human Brain
  • 14 September, 14:00, online seminar
Pérez Alberto
Phase Response in epileptic models
  • 13 July, 14:00, room 318
Luigi Caputi/Anna Pidnebesna
Promises and pitfalls of Topological Data Analysis in brain connectivity analysis
  • 30 January, 14:00, room 318
Aurél Gábris
Quantum computing: from Gedanken technology to supremacy

Seminars in 2019

  • 29 August, 13:00, room 318
Alberto Perez Cervera
On the role of Oscillatory Dynamics in Neural Communication
  • 28 August, 16:00, room 318
Swetamber Das
Power-law trapping a volume-preserving map
  • 22 August, 14:00, room 318
Saptarshi Ghosh
Taming Chimera State in Networks
  • 19 June, 14:00, room 318
Kajari Gupta
Emergent Dynamics of Slow and Fast Systems on Complex Networks
  • 4 June, 16:00, room 318
Ehud Kaplan
Estimating the amount of information transmitted by a neuronal population
  • 28 May, 16:00, room 318
Jan Antolik
Data-driven modelling of early visual system

Seminars in 2018

  • 17 September, 13:30 room 107
David Tomecek
Robust detection of mental states and characteristics from neuroimaging data
  • 23 July, 13:30, room 107
Isa Dallmer-Zerbe
Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) as a Tool to Modulate P300 Amplitude and Latency in ADHD
  • 12 July, 13:00, room 107
Jakub Korenek
Causal network discovery methods
  • 6 June, 11:30, room 107
Benjamin Wahl
Granger causality for diffusion processes