Jaroslav Hlinka is the Head of the Department of Complex Systems at the Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences and also the Chair of the Institute's Council. His research interests lie in developing and application of methods for data-driven analysis of real-world complex systems, with main focus on human brain.


David Hartman is working on problems concerning complex networks with regard to reliable construction as well as emergence of stuctural phenomena. The corresponding application domains includes those in neurological research or climatology. Another reseach domain is analysis of symmetrical relational structures and particularly graph or colored graphs possesing ultrahomogeneous or homomorphism-homogenous property.
Pavel Sanda research focuses on modeling dynamics of biologically inspired neural networks. That includes both simple sensory circuits and more complex networks involved in coordinated activity of cortico-thalamic loop as well as the rules which govern synaptic platicity between the neurons in the modeled circuitry.


  • Pérez Alberto, Ph.D.
  • Luigi Caputi, Ph.D.

PhD students

Anna Pidnebesna is working on modelling and analysis of the real-world complex systems. Her main work is concerned about the development and application of data analysis methods, frequently using the sparse linear approaches. The application part is mainly concerned with the human brain investigation.
  • Bučková Barbora, Mgr.
  • Dallmer-Zerbe Isa, Mgr.
  • Hadrava Michal, Ing.
  • Kopal Jakub, Ing.
  • Kořenek Jakub, Ing.
  • Stanislav Jiříček, Ing.
  • Lucia Jajcay, Mgr.