Project "Brain dynamics" (BRADY)

Basic project information

Project registration number: CZ.02.01.01/00/22_008/0004643

Implementation time: 1. 1. 2024 – 30. 6. 2028

Budget: 241 403 637,00 Kč (~ 10 million EUR)

Programme Johannes Amos Comenius (P JAC)

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Partners: Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Coordinating), National Institute of Mental Health, Charles University, Czech TEchnical University

This project is co-funded by the EU

About the project

The project is focused on the development of computational models of brain activity that capture the dynamics of the brain at different time scales. The goal of the project is to develop research in the field of applied computational neuroscience in the Czech Republic, especially through the implementation of top research, strengthening ties to top foreign workplaces, developing the personnel capacities of the involved research teams and strengthening their experimental and computational capacities.

The project has a distinctly interdisciplinary character both in terms of the methods used and the experts involved. It mainly uses neuropsychological experiments, including complex multimodal sensory stimulation, measurements using advanced neuroimaging methods, experimental or therapeutic intervention using non-invasive electrical/magnetic stimulation or drug administration. On the other hand, it develops and uses computational models of brain dynamics and advanced methods of data analysis, including machine learning.

The application potential of the first research work package lies in the development of efficient and flexible computational models of brain dynamics, enabling adaptation to specific application tasks. The second research work package focuses on further development in the application area of monitoring and predicting brain states, for example monitoring tissue excitability in epilepsy and predicting seizures. The third research work package focuses on the use of computational models of intervention in brain dynamics with potential applications in the design and optimization of therapeutic brain stimulation and a personalised approach to pharmacotherapy.

The team includes experts in neuropsychiatry, neuroscience, epileptology, cognitive neuroscience, mathematical and computational neuroscience, as well as modelling and analysis of complex systems. Research goals include the highly topical issue of the development of computational models of brain dynamics, which lies at the intersection of basic medical sciences, especially neuroscience, natural sciences, especially mathematics, and clinical medical sciences, especially applications in psychiatry and neurology. Research in this area has reached maturity: solid theoretical foundations and developed methodological procedures bring the first application results and thus open the field to further flourishing.

At the same time, the project is designed to fulfil its application potential already during the project phase. This application potential is represented by the use of the results of modelling and data analyses in testing experimental therapies based on brain dynamics modulation in selected diseases.

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